• ATV Mountain Trekking

    We have developed an ATV dirt trail circuit of approximately half a kilometer within the perimeter of the park. There are additional sections of trail some of which are more challenging. There is also a section of barangay road outside of the park which winds through Aninuan Village. By this means visitors can experience longer […]

  • Kids Playground Area

    Our playground area for the children will not be of the plastic variety found in shopping malls but rather a collection of handmade wooden features and painted car tires where the children can clamber, swing and play in safety. There is also a selection of low rope crossings where the children can enjoy a little […]

  • Mountain Trekking

    Winding through the Park there are several trekking trails, some of these are quite steep and some cross rope bridges over ravines which have been cut into the mountain by water run-off. Where the trail is steep, and perhaps a little treacherous underfoot when it is wet, we have provided simple sandbag steps and rope […]